Reengineering and replacement components for repair services of industrial drive technology

Original vs. new developed quality components
Original vs. newly developed components

For some repair work orders the spare parts supplying was not available for us. We were faced with the question, should we order spare parts from second hand market or develope internally. We have decided for self-developing.

On the following sites, we would like to show you, what sets us apart from the competition.

What do our customers expect from repair services?

  • standardised tests
  • standardised repair processes
  • professional cleaning
  • use of high quality replacement components

We are especially serious about use of high quality replacement components.

Most of the time, we are working with original components from manufacturers. Some components are only sold on the second hand market. Particularly the Japanese manufacturers don‘t supply spare parts. Therefore, it is inevitable to develope these replacement components from scratch.

The components replicate the functional attributes of the original components. The construction of components is state-of-the-art with a higher quality requirement in comparison with the originals.

We are committed to help our customers and protect the environment. We give older industrial electronics a second chance.

For example we produce

  • hybrids
  • supply- and current measurement modules
  • power supplies
  • encoder

Newly developed components
Newly developed components

Replacement for UTOPH-81AIF Encoder of Yaskawa